THIS IS A TEST. Welcome to my portfolio and Tumblr-styled journal / diary / sketchbook.

My goal for this site is to share a few pieces of my portfolio and a tumblr-styled sketchbook. My blog entries will be anything that interests me: actual sketches, ideas I have or just reposting stuff I find funny or inspiring.


Sketch Everything

To be creative, believe that you are and accept that your talents and skills will start at zero. Have fun. If creativity becomes a chore, you'll give up.
Chuck Ballew – Senior Concept Designer, Creative Development, WDI

Draw everything. Write everything. Everyday. When you draw something, your brain remembers how to draw it in the future. I’m trying to get better about this. I’m carrying my moleskin notebook with me everywhere now. Throughout the day, I’m trying to record anything I find creative or interesting. That’s the first step. According to Chuck, […]